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I want to thank God for His blessings n favour for my life.

On Monday this week we prayed about finding favour by the anointing, everywhere we shall be, favour will locate us. That night I continued thinking abt that prayer point, finally i decided to be favoured because I lack a lot, my phone got spoilt and no money in my pocket,

Then on Tuesday morning ,I was praying the same prayer at work and I added Matthew 7:7 and acted on it ,when my MD came to the office, I went to him ,he asked me any problem ,I said yes sir, then I said, please sir my phone got spoilt and need his help, and he said is that all? And I added , I don’t even have pocket money, it was  unusual of me to act in such a bold manner ,  to my surprise, I found favour with him and he gave me good amount of money to buy the phone and use the rest as my pocket money.

Tears came down my eyes because I know it’s the work of God..

My thanks go to God, to Lady Charity and to all the pastors …Amen

………  Sandra