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I want to testify of the goodness of God for what He did for me yesterday (Saturday) night.

I had finished taking my supper when all of a sudden I felt something down my throat intensely choking me. After several coughs which led to no results I decided to boil Lipton tea and drink. The matter got worse; I was now struggling to breathe. I quickly took the Blood (Communion Wine) and prayerfully drank it. I began to vomit but the condition had not really changed. So I quickly called a doctor friend at Trafalgar to attend to me or help me to the hospital. While at the hospital I made a call to Lady Reverend. She prayed for me on the phone. Before the prayer would end I began to feel the pressure at my throat subside. She said to me on the phone, ‘you are healed oo’. When I went back home after diagnosis I also prayerfully applied the anointing oil at my throat and slept. Now I give God glory that upon waking up this morning, the choke had completely gone. Indeed He is a healing Jesus.



Praise God

I left an iron on after using it to straitened my dress for hours on Sunday whiles in church.. When i return home that evening realized what I had done but to the glory of God there was no fire outbreak, the iron feels and look normal. I want to bless God for showing me mercy because an entire house could have been burnt down…

Thank you Jesus!!



Praise God church.

I was supposed to go for scan at Kolebu because I was suffering from a severe headache. The Doctors diagnose me of migraine and at the miracle wave service during the ministration and under the leading of the Holy Ghost, Rev Selasi said there is a lady here suffering from migraine, I came forward and He prayed with me. Church as we speak am doing great, the Power of God has healed me. Hallelujah



Praise the Lord!

During the Miracle Wave service Rev Selasi made a prophetic pronouncement of someone suffering from cancer and such an one is at the back of the church.. Though I was not at the back and had no idea of any cancer in my body. During that night in my dream I saw myself at the hospital on admission and realized that I had a growth in my left breast upon touching it, this really surprised me seeing it was a huge one. I also saw the pastors at the ward including Rev. Selasi who was like moving from bed to bed as if He is the doctor.. He then came to my bed and told me to go home and that I am healed and discharged. I waked up with a surprise and a lighting in my spirit. Immediately I knew that a supernatural work have been done on my life..  I want to thank God for showing me mercy and also bless God for the life of Rev. Selasi. My prayer is that God continue to use him to be a blessing to many people. Hallelujah



I have many testimonies and I just can’t share all at once but will do so in bits

Last week Wednesday I got home from work to prepare for the Hannah hour service and I saw an insect coming close and it looked so huge and it entered my right eye. Living alone, I run inside to pick a mirror and did all I could till the insect came out but left my eye reddened, painful and left my vision blurred. I went for the service and Rev Obed said we should put our hands anywhere we have any sort of pain and I did and he prayed for us. The blurred vision and every other things stopped at once and I got home forgetting I had a problem earlier…Praised God ..Amen! Bridget



Bless the Lord People of God.

During the 21days fasting and prayer, there was a prophetic declaration by Rev Obed concerning someone receiving a contract. But before that my brother told me of a contract he had applied for and ask me to remember him when am praying, so in the time of the declaration i received it passionately on his behalf. Later that week he called to inform me that he has received the contract to the glory of God.

I want to say. Thank you Lord for such a breakthrough. AMEN.  Felix.




After I got married, the enemy tried so many ways to steal my joy concerning the fruit of the womb. Every time I would ovulate, serious health issues would crop up. This happened severally until recently my husband and I decided to tap into the healing power in the Blood of Jesus as taught by Christ through Lady Rev.


We took the bottle containing the Blood, prayed over it, poured a bit and drank with very high expectation of being healed that night. When I woke up in the morning, family, the sickness and all of its symptoms had left.


The following month I was faced with the same thing

But this time I approached Lady Rev with it during last week’s Hannah Service. Due to the anointing on Lady Rev, after she touched me and commanded with powerful declaration that any form of barrier hindering my breakthrough and glory be cast out, I immediately felt the sickness literally vanish from me without a trace.


I am happy to say to the glory of the Lord that now I am free. Indeed our Jesus is a healing Jesus and a miracle worker. I am here to give Him all the glory and I know He will soon do even bigger things yet to come.




Praise the Lord

For a number of days now, I have been coughing seriously. It all started on Monday morning when I woke up with a severe pain in my neck and a sore throat. On Tuesday evening due to the pains and the severity of coughing I could not make it to church so I decided to get some chores done whiles listening to Bishop’s podcast – the presence of God. At the end of the message, as Bishop was praying for healing of sicknesses with faith I believed in the prayer and I received my healing.

I want to thank God for His love and faithfulness, Amen. Emefa




The Lord has been faithful to me during this fasting period

First of all; for a very long time, I’ve felt like praying more even after prayers has ended, I believe I’ve received the grace to pray.

The Lord has opened my eyes to have visions and dreams almost every day of the fast

Whenever we come for the prayers, I see a hand touching people but not me, but tonight (Day 18) I saw that same hand touch me and held my hand.

There and then I saw Bishop Dag sitting on the stage.

With a lot more of powerful dreams I had;

I thank God for the opportunity to be in His presence and also empowering me and my husband to go through this fast. Amen!      Bernice




After my marriage in July last year, in October notice my monthly period stopped suddenly, initially l thought it was pregnancy so a month after l tested for it and l was negative… two months after it was still negative then l know something was wrong, So l was asked to go to the hospital which l did and still tested negative again…

I was asked to do a scan which also came out negative, that is, everything was normal with me, so l was put on a drug which cost 300gh.

But when l came home l told my husband this thing is not from God and am not going to take any drug but am going to take part of this Fasting and prayer for the 21 days and l believe God will touch me.

So after Hannah Service on 18th January LR Charity prayed for as and l believes it was done.

The next day after the service, which was the 10th day of the fasting, l began having an additional pain which was really on a high note,

then in the evening as l was about to take my bath l was feeling something in me, so  l coughed  it out and  was surprise what i saw..

Then immediately my period began to flow perfectly.

l really thank God for what he has done for me, thank Lady Rev. Charity for allowing God to use her to be a blessing to me, Ms Peter for his prayers for me and everyone for their prayers… for in did we have a living God to him be all the glory. Amen ……. Kate