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I want to testify of the goodness of God for what He did for me yesterday (Saturday) night.

I had finished taking my supper when all of a sudden I felt something down my throat intensely choking me. After several coughs which led to no results I decided to boil Lipton tea and drink. The matter got worse; I was now struggling to breathe. I quickly took the Blood (Communion Wine) and prayerfully drank it. I began to vomit but the condition had not really changed. So I quickly called a doctor friend at Trafalgar to attend to me or help me to the hospital. While at the hospital I made a call to Lady Reverend. She prayed for me on the phone. Before the prayer would end I began to feel the pressure at my throat subside. She said to me on the phone, ‘you are healed oo’. When I went back home after diagnosis I also prayerfully applied the anointing oil at my throat and slept. Now I give God glory that upon waking up this morning, the choke had completely gone. Indeed He is a healing Jesus.

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