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During the Miracle Wave service Rev Selasi made a prophetic pronouncement of someone suffering from cancer and such an one is at the back of the church.. Though I was not at the back and had no idea of any cancer in my body. During that night in my dream I saw myself at the hospital on admission and realized that I had a growth in my left breast upon touching it, this really surprised me seeing it was a huge one. I also saw the pastors at the ward including Rev. Selasi who was like moving from bed to bed as if He is the doctor.. He then came to my bed and told me to go home and that I am healed and discharged. I waked up with a surprise and a lighting in my spirit. Immediately I knew that a supernatural work have been done on my life..  I want to thank God for showing me mercy and also bless God for the life of Rev. Selasi. My prayer is that God continue to use him to be a blessing to many people. Hallelujah

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