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After my marriage in July last year, in October notice my monthly period stopped suddenly, initially l thought it was pregnancy so a month after l tested for it and l was negative… two months after it was still negative then l know something was wrong, So l was asked to go to the hospital which l did and still tested negative again…

I was asked to do a scan which also came out negative, that is, everything was normal with me, so l was put on a drug which cost 300gh.

But when l came home l told my husband this thing is not from God and am not going to take any drug but am going to take part of this Fasting and prayer for the 21 days and l believe God will touch me.

So after Hannah Service on 18th January LR Charity prayed for as and l believes it was done.

The next day after the service, which was the 10th day of the fasting, l began having an additional pain which was really on a high note,

then in the evening as l was about to take my bath l was feeling something in me, so  l coughed  it out and  was surprise what i saw..

Then immediately my period began to flow perfectly.

l really thank God for what he has done for me, thank Lady Rev. Charity for allowing God to use her to be a blessing to me, Ms Peter for his prayers for me and everyone for their prayers… for in did we have a living God to him be all the glory. Amen ……. Kate

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