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After I got married, the enemy tried so many ways to steal my joy concerning the fruit of the womb. Every time I would ovulate, serious health issues would crop up. This happened severally until recently my husband and I decided to tap into the healing power in the Blood of Jesus as taught by Christ through Lady Rev.


We took the bottle containing the Blood, prayed over it, poured a bit and drank with very high expectation of being healed that night. When I woke up in the morning, family, the sickness and all of its symptoms had left.


The following month I was faced with the same thing

But this time I approached Lady Rev with it during last week’s Hannah Service. Due to the anointing on Lady Rev, after she touched me and commanded with powerful declaration that any form of barrier hindering my breakthrough and glory be cast out, I immediately felt the sickness literally vanish from me without a trace.


I am happy to say to the glory of the Lord that now I am free. Indeed our Jesus is a healing Jesus and a miracle worker. I am here to give Him all the glory and I know He will soon do even bigger things yet to come.


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